Anyone out there?

I beg you to comment or make suggestions on creative writing resources.  This blog is only going to be effective if there is collaboration, and let me tell you – right now, it is me, myself, and I!


2 responses to “Anyone out there?”

  1. Philip Wardlow says :

    I get your frustration….in regards to lack of followers to views ands followers …I started this year in April and I am having hard time of gaining readership or enough interest to visit my blog…and like you I think at times (not always mind you ) I have something interesting to offer…the only advice is to put in the time and keep putting in the time writing blogs, commenting on other posts, plugging away at your novel and everything else…we are but one ant in a billion trudging up the vine with our piece of leaf and all the other ants walk over you and under you carrying there own leaves or going back to get more leaves…just dont drop that leaf because it’s very important for some darn reason…you do good work sir so keep it up…besides a view from me also I think I will become a follower that’s all that I can offer you until you write a book that I wish to read and buy from you (if’s it good mind you..:) ….

    • eternal Domnation says :

      Amazing comment! Thank you. And yes, ants in a billion. We keep plugging away. We let the words flow, sometimes despite the silence on the other end. But the words are our noise, the rest is the echo. We write letters next to letters only for ourselves. Enjoy the notification of comments, follows, and likes when they come. But only after we like what we write. After all, if we do it for them, I’m afraid we won’t get there. Content is king because it enables us to use our craft.

      In return, I will follow you! Thank you again!

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