Creative Writing Prompts & Other Writing Exercises

Creative writing prompts can be extremely useful, just like warming up for a jog it is important to get your mind in the right form before you plunge ahead into your story.  I have even based a few chapters in my book off of a few prompts, you just never know where your pen will take you!

Wild Mind: Living the Writer's LifeWhat If? Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers (3rd Edition)The Writer's Idea BookThe 3 A.M. Epiphany: Uncommon Writing Exercises that Transform Your Fiction
My collection of creative writing prompts.

There are scores of books with writing prompts out there, these just happen to be the ones I came across. Please recommend others that you have found useful.  Additionally, there are online writing prompts, though I have not used them these are the online writing prompts that I have heard of (again, please recommend others):
  • Writer’s Digest – a large collection of writing prompts (with word limits and the ability to post your response).
  • Creative Writing Prompts – scroll over a number and a prompt appears!  What you see is what you get, if you are looking for a prompt this is not a bad place to start (it is not instructive by any means).

Do you have any other sources for creative writing prompts?


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