The idea was simple, put together a comprehensive list of resources for the first time or otherwise aspiring novelist.
Why? Well I haven’t really found anything else out there!
How? For starters, I have included the resources that I found, and continue to find, incredibly helpful during my journey through the life-cycle of a novel: starting, revising, and publishing.
This is meant to be a collaborative undertaking, so please do share your resources, thoughts, or objections to anything posted on this site.
Creative writing is an art, andwriting a novel is a challenge, especially for those of us who do not possess an MFA or have a published novel or short story to our credit (yet). The entire creative writing prospect can be downright intimidating. Though I am still in the midst of trying to figure this whole thing out, I have managed to put together a useful collection of resources along the way (i.e., my Creative Writing Toolkit) and I am happy to share with anyone who may be interested.

Various friends have asked me how I go about learning the craft, and my answer is generally a description of the resources included in the Creative WritingToolkit. Of course this is limited to my own perspective. And that is where you come in, please make suggestions and share your thoughts so that I can make this page a true resource for our community. 


2 responses to “About”

  1. thelivingnotebook says :

    I’ve got a tag for CW tools on my blog: http://thelivingnotebook.wordpress.com/tag/tools/ … it’s the not the same concept as your “toolkit” but let me know what you think!

    • eternal Domnation says :

      It’s fantastic, thank you for sharing! I was considering downloading scrivener or a similar writing tool – have you used anything like that to write? Thank you for the link to Duotrope, that will hopefully come in handy one day! Thanks again for your link and comment – I really do hope other folks start to throw some resources at the blog – otherwise it is just me, and that, well, you know is just not going to cut it!

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